Welcome to the Hunger Games Shipping Confessions blog. This is a safe place to voice your honest opinions on all relationships (whether they be 'canon' or 'fanon') in Suzanne Collins' "The Hunger Games" novels and films.

Do you have a confession that you'd like us to post on this blog? Feel free to leave us a message in our ASK or SUBMIT your own graphic. All confessions will remain anonymous.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do choose to submit your own graphic we only ask that you use a decipherable font (i.e. Arial, Helvetica, Times).

The Hunger Games Shipping Confessions is now officially opened: 

This is a blog where you can confession all the shippy type things you have ever thought throughout your entire Hunger Games life.

You can send them to our ask or submit your own graphic.

Bring me the ships you love, bring me the ships you hate. Tell me why you love them, tell me why you hate them, simply state your otp.

Whatever it is, be it slash, het or crack it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s a ship.

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